How to Stay on Track With Your Fitness Progress During the Holidays!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! While the holidays are the most blissful times, it is often a difficult period for those of us with fitness goals.

With massive Thanksgiving dinners and sugary Christmas desserts, it’s easy to fall off your diet and training habits.

At 786 fuel, we want to provide you with advice that is sustainable and realistic so you can continue to hit your goals.

1. Be active with your family!

Want a fun way to enjoy time with your family while staying active? Rally the fam and implement physical activities into your holiday week! This can include signing up for a road race, going on hikes, skiing or even just post meal walks around the neighborhood.

Exercise does not have to be miserable, if you are able to move your body with the people you love, it’s a healthy win-win for everyone.

2. Get your workouts in EARLY!

With relatives coming and going, oftentimes we put our loved ones first during the holidays. The best way to have time for yourself is getting up before everyone else. This is a great way to continue prioritizing your workouts during this busy time. Crushing your workouts first thing in the morning sets your day up for success.

Go for a run, hit the weights or attend a morning spinning class, whatever it is, GET IT DONE.

Let’s be real, the holidays are also stressful, so this is a great way to work off that stress first thing in the morning.

3. Make healthy, goal oriented meals

Your grandma might not believe it, but you can make desserts as good as hers without all the extra sugar and fat! Whether it’s brownies, cookies or ice cream, there are plenty of amazing alternatives that taste delicious AND can fit within your macros.

One easy way to boost your desserts is by creating protein versions that taste delicious. Here are a few amazing protein supplements that blend well in brownies, cookies or pancakes!

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Hopefully with these three tips, you will be inspired to stay on track this holiday season whilst enjoying the festivities!

From our family to yours, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

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